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Patent Services

Patent Services


Whether you are looking for assistance in an infringement/invalidity contention, or desire patent portfolio analysis and optimization, iBridge has you covered.


Our clients have won over $600+ million in software patent litigations, so it’s safe to say iBridge understands the challenges of managing and ultimately winning legal matters. We, with our strategic partners and patent experts, provide a team of engineers and technical experts to work in tandem with your lawyers mining for evidence and providing technical insights that strengthen your infringement/invalidity contention. Our analysis service creates added leverage for you, your testifying experts, and your counsel throughout the entire course of litigation. We assist in the following ways

Legal Support Services - iBridge


Our analysis lawyers assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case, which includes in-depth technical analysis with target scouting, product infringement, file-wrapper analysis, and patent validity checks.

Threat Letters

We analyze patents identified in the matter to determine if the threat letter has any merit. By studying the evolution of underlying technology and prior-art landscape, we can assist counsel in evaluating counter-suite/cross-licensing options.

Patent Invalidation

Invalidity searches are performed to locate prior art, and analysis is reviewed to determine the patent’s uniqueness. We also locate documentation to prove which patent was first to be invented.

PICS, Fact Discovery, and Claim Charts

Our engineers assemble infringement claim charts based on public information and mine for the best technical evidence of infringement from literature, emails, source code, and product usage/analysis.

Expert Witness Support

Our team provides support to testifying experts through preparation of final reports. We perform the technological work and fact-finding to help strengthen the expert’s position for infringement or non-infringement.

Portfolio Analysis

A significant percentage of a company’s assets can be held within a patent portfolio. iBridge offers services to extract valuable insights from existing patents that help you manage, optimize, and utilize your patent portfolio for strategic gains. With enhanced visualization, you can unearth new licensing opportunities, and change the way you look at the patents in your portfolio. We can assist with:

Monetizing Patents

Through our analysis, we will determine which patents can be immediately monetized, and which are relatively low in value. This information is useful when dealing with mergers, acquisitions, and to identify potential revenue sources.

Increasing Portfolio Health

Reduce your portfolio of non-core and/or low-value patents by selling, licensing, or abandoning them to save money on filing and maintenance fees.

Maintaining Technological Exclusivity

Know your intellectual property assets to maintain exclusivity by understanding when to file an infringement claim and maximizing royalties paid through licensing.

Non-Infringement Analysis

Distinguish your patents from those already existing through non-infringement analysis and prior art search to exhibit a history of distinctiveness.

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