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Document Review

Managed Document Review


While Automated Document Review (ADR) or Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is gaining acceptance, traditional manual managed document review (MDR) is often necessary, with quality assurance and defensibility concerns of paramount importance. iBridge’s value in completing MDR is shown by providing an all-inclusive, bundled service offering which includes consulting, hosting, and reviewing of documents by skilled and dedicated resources, all for a low hourly or per-document pricing structure.

End-to-end managed document review services

Managed Document Review - iBridge

We provide the infrastructure, support, staffing, quality assurance, and reporting tools. We also have multilingual capabilities to review documents in a variety of languages, ensuring you have all the controls in place to manage or direct the review. Throughout the process, we ensure that our review team is: experienced, well-managed, consistent, accurate, efficient, and well supported by litigation-tested U.S. attorneys, project managers, and IT professionals. We conduct a variety of reviews including

Privilege Review

Following client/ lawyer defined rules, documents subject to attorney-client privilege.

Relevancy/Responsiveness Review

Documents related to the discovery request.

Subject Matter Review

Documents related to, or in support of a particular issue


Briefing complex documents or document sets, highlighting, and analyzing the critical points.

Considering each client has a set of individualized needs, we offer on-site, off-site, domestic, offshore, and hybrid models to best fit each project. While our environment is very controlled, we have adequate flexibility due to our large infrastructure to change scale and scope rapidly to meet changing needs. Addressing both strategic and tactical issues, iBridge provides comprehensive review strategies, advanced workflow design, in-depth project management, daily reports, and quality control. We ensure the optimum combination of people, process, and technology is applied in every situation to best manage time and be cost-effective while ensuring work is on-time and high quality.

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