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Legal Coding

Legal Coding


Sorting through all the documentation during litigation can be troublesome and time-consuming. iBridge offers high-quality domestic and off-shore coding services at competitive prices to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the size. We are one of the four largest document coding service providers in the industry, including both objective and subjective coding with high levels of responsiveness, accuracy, and SLAs.

We have the technology and capacity for on-site document scanning, processing millions of pieces of ESI and hosting large quantities of data to assist in every stage of litigation. We work to provide set standards and methods of data capture while allowing for customization as needed to meet the requirements of the case and hosting platform. Our recent work includes projects in labor and employment, patent infringement, white collar crime, internal investigations, M&A, oil and gas, telecommunications, and commercial litigation. Many processing providers also call on us to provide coding services to augment their limited resources, or to assist in meeting deadlines.
Our size and scope allows us to code in real-time and/or in batches, providing quality solutions that are most appropriate for the size and cost requirements of our clients’ on-going litigation or compliance. We routinely log into commonly used applications in our coding work and we code in the Cloud. Majority of our clients prefer to utilize our FTP servers to batch process overnight, freeing up the day for higher value production work, but we work with each client to determine the course of action best for them.
We provide the following services

Indexing, objective coding, bibliographic, subjective, and in-text

Logical Documentation Determination / Unitization

TIFF to PDF conversion, searchable PDFs

Data/document conversion, OCR, OCR edits


Bates numbering and labeling

Data entry and capture

Conversion of multi-tab spreadsheets

Image corrections on many scanned images

Multilingual support

Regardless of the methodology, services, or platforms used to complete our coding services, iBridge holds itself to a high level of success and standards. For a coding project to succeed, it must meet the following criteria:


We guarantee accuracy rates of at least 95.5% or higher; names spelled correctly and entered in the proper project-specific format, dates and numbers are re-checked.


Decisions regarding information extraction must be consistent from one document to the next. Pre-defined coding guidelines are followed precisely.


All information relevant to a document must be input in the correct field of the database, and all documents submitted must be processed within an agreed upon SLA.

With iBridge, you can rest easy with data accessibility 24/7/365 in our maintained infrastructure, not only through our U.S. facilities, but also in Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers across the globe. We monitor our facilities through live video surveillance, stringent HIPAA, and ISO guidelines and other physical safeguards.

Learn how iBridge can assist your organization with legal coding! Contact us here.