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Companies are often faced with requests for information in a variety of settings including litigation, compliance, and governance. We assist our clients in identifying, locating, collecting, and preserving such data. iBridge provides collection services in North America, Europe, and South Asia.

Collection does not necessarily imply forensic collection. Corporations are constantly faced with requests for information related to governance, compliance, legal, and increasingly, litigation. Most Fortune 500 company CIOs have deployed technology and processes to meet information governance strategies. iBridge is not in the business of imaging disks or restoring tapes to drive our processing revenues. Our objective is to make sure we provide a safe environment to collect and preserve three categories of metadata at the root of most disagreements between opposing counsel: substantive metadata, system data and embedded metadata.
When we hire forensic collection experts, they are trusted partners with enviable track records. Most often, our collections are made by our technology team, which is based across the globe and trained and certified in the technology environment they are harvesting data from. This is important in ensuring every step in the collection and preservation process is completely documented, and most importantly, at a very reasonable cost. Our goal is to use the most competent technologists to ensure we are not flying experts unnecessarily around the globe at the expense of our clients

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